Work-Life Balance – Part 2

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Second Part on Work-Life Balance.

When you do one activity, you tend to short charge some other activities. To achieve something, you pay some price. The price is the cost of work-life balance. In economic terms, its called Opportunity Cost. If you are reading this, you are not certainly checking on Facebook or WhatsApp or if you are at office and not gone home or not attending to critical work on hand and if you do not have sufficient time on hand, the opportunity cost is known to you.

As video suggest, we human being are not hardwired to perform one task exceptionally well, but do multiple task with basic mediocrity.


If you listen to successful people, they say, Do One Thing, Do It Right, Have Focus, and do not get into mediocrity trap or monotony. Its human equivalent of Machine.


Not for a second, I intend to undermine the achievements of people, who give their life for sole purpose. But, they are driven. They are so focused, they do not worry about Work-Life Balance. Tell me one person, who have achieved monumental success and yet could manage Work-Life Balance. Don’t give me example of how great a dad Shahrukh Khan is…Its a crap, persona created by PR Firms. To be a Dhoni, you have to sacrifice not seeing your new born for few weeks. Thats the price he is willing to Pay.


Are you willing to pay price. If yes, than you don’t crib about Work-Life Balance.

If you are Not. Don’t worry about your next promotion, financial goals, fancy car. Be happy. And there is nothing wrong with it. Be content.


Unfortunately, 99.9% of people falls in between, because, we are not completely agnostic to idea of growth. If you have read the book by Chip & Dan Heath – Decisive, you know, ultimately Our Human Mind has two sides.


Emotional Self – That drives our likings,desire and decision.

Rational Self – Controls our behaviour with rationality.


Work-Life Balance is like that, our emotional side desires family, fun, happiness and our rational side, learning, growth etc. We are always torn apart between this too. Think deeply about it.There is no end to the debate. We have to make our own Peace.


I just spent, 15 minutes writing this. Ignored 1 call, recalibrated my little tight schedule for the day. Thats price I am willing to pay, because, at least I could sharpen my thoughts, my writing skills.

If you are interest, read book by our First Women Chief Justice – Leela Sheth – On Balance. Life is all about managing balance. It sounds truism.

So, is Work-Life Balance is an equilibrium? You try to achieve or Is it pendulum? you are trying to control form going extreme.

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