Peter Principle/Peak Performance

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You must have heard of Peter Principle.


“Every one rise to the level of incompetence.” So, if you are CEO of the company, and you can not grow beyond, you have reached a level of Incompetence in your life.


Read it in the context of Peak Performance Theory.


A state when, you are at the peak of your performance. This applies to every one, from actors to sportsman to writers etc. Taking parables from Cricket, many a time, we have heard, Tendulkar reached its peak performance, but again he risen from ashes. He was probably, outlier. But, look at Yuvraj singh, do you think he is beyond his prime days. Emotion apart, Yes. If you look at many businesses, products, services, we know for sure, its beyond its best days. If you use Samsung Galaxy S Phone, you know, its beyond its peak, the product has stopped delighting us. I am not an Apple Fan Boy, and certainly Android continues to bring more people on Smart Phone platform and keep delighting its user, but looking from Hardware perspective, there hardly seems tobe any frenzy on new S-6 launch. If you are in Ahmedabad, you know, Restaurants like Sankalp have stopped pleasing its patron, it doesn’t seems to be priority destination for NRI. The examples are endless, both the way. But let us stick to companies that have achieved proverbial success and now stagnated.

Individuals are no exception. Yo Yo honey sing, does not attract the attention anymore. May be due to stereotyping the craft, whereas Mr. Bachaan continues to reinvest himself.


The question before us is to know, have we reached the Cul de sac movement or reached our peak performance?


Whether we continue to delight our customer with superior services or we are bettering our past performance. Normally, defining moments in life are known to us, only six month after the event happened, while peak performance is difficult to know, with our own bias, though by being brutally objective, we can get our own answer.

Psychologically, its very difficult to admit our own shortcomings, and we are certainly good a finding faults in others, thats another topic, on our own narrow framing and biases, but the point is, even if we come to know that we have crossed our peak performance, it will happen not before but only after.


This does not mean, we should quit. It means, going back to basics, focusing on Core, revamping our own ideas, above all, keep have insecurity of getting into mediocrity trap. Above all, complacency should not set in like a rigour mortis.

Courtesy : Idea – Seth godin blog / photo – James altucher blog.

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