Exercise for Intellectuals

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The caption suggest, i am referring to some mental exercise. If you are thinking along the line, you are wrong. Just don’t read further.


Exercise is boring. You require a strong will and motivation to do some physical exercise. If you are intellectual or pseudo intellectual (like me), you ought to be giving more focus on mental health, compared to physical health. But, a small 3 minutes video from The School of Life will open up your thinking.



To me exercise, nutrition and food science is most complex issue, riddled with N numbers of myths. Frankly, no one knows, what is optimum or ideal exercise or diet. Before you move forward, I must warn you, do not take what I am writing as Seriously. And taking advice from CA on any subject other than Accounts/Taxation is injurious to the health.


I am no expert at anything, and least a role model on fitness. Still, if you want to take a ride, read it. These are the main reason, why you should exercise.


Core : Core is our back, to put it simply, if your core muscles are not strong, in old age, you tend to have arch like body. Think of old lady.

Flexibility : Ability to strengthen your muscle. Just like mind, if it is not stretched, it will result into atrophy.

Strength : Body’s ability to do a heavy lifting. Without strength, you become feeble. Strength both physically and mentally demonstrates resilience, a core trait for well being.

Weight : I do not advice, its a major cause of injury. Unless, you are trained by expert.

Cardio : Popular way of breathing oxygen and making it reach parts of body. Think of pranayam.


If you are interested, sworkit lite is a good app, available on iOS, to start. Its free.

When Advice sound best: When giving it.

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