Dark Pattern

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This is follow up to last post on Social Science and how if used in Public Policy can create unwanted outcomes. Every new invention has either positive or negative impact on our lives. But, we hardly bother to think about it. The Internet and always connected/networked life is great for us, but at what cost we don’t know. The social media and internet companies effectively controls our behaviour. The one more glaring example is called Dark Pattern.


“A Dark Pattern is a user interface that has been carefully crafted to trick users into doing things, such as buying insurance with their purchase or signing up for recurring bills.”


To learn more about Dark Pattern, visit : Darkpatterns.org


Recently, Linked in was subject to the litigation in the US Court, precisely for same reason. To read more about this read at Fastdesign.com. If you book tickets online, even Cleartrip.com is guilty of this..as you have to untick the insurance button to opt out of insurance payment for the trip.



More and more companies are guilty of using such techniques for their gain


The only learning, we can have is to be aware about such techniques. This is akin to phishing, that we all know about. But, individual indulging in phishing are criminals, companies engaging in such behaviours are poster boys of silicon valley.

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