OKR = Objective and Key Result

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Anyone running a small/large organisation knows about challenges of  keeping every one on the same page, focusing on day to day management and achieving near term/long term Goals. If you are like me, I am sure, you must have tried various methods, so as not to loose focus. OKR Is one such very simple and elegant system to follow.

At the same time, if you believe in experimenting, Scot Adams, creator of Dilbert Cartoons, has a different taken on Goals. He believes that Instead of Goals, one should make a system to achieve long term success. You can learn by watching two minutes Video here..

The OKR system was defined by John Doerr and adopted by various companies including Google. You can learn more about OKR here....OKR = Objective and Key Result is a system to keep a track of your long term objectives, while setting  Objectives and Key Result expectation as clearly as possible, along the way making a buy in from every one. The system provides a general directions and neutralize  internal conflicts between the multiple teams. In one word its an objective system to measure the progress.

The system is very simple, yet effective. It’s unlike any other run of the mill, technique, but can be effectively applied to any organisation, from start up to MNC. You can reduce the quarterly/yearly objectives and steps in one or two pages. Instead of dealing with jargons, catchy phrases or ornamental language, its a no nonsense way to stay on the course. You can find startup OKR Template here..

The key benefits are:

OKR can help you focus on Company’s vision and mission statement, and reflect on progress each quarter.

It can provide expectations and key deliverables to each member in clear terms.

Progress can be measured in the most objective manner.

To me, it combines the benefit of Goals V/s System. It works like an engine pulling the wagons. Where Entire train is system, and selective wagons are Goals.

This may be counter intuitive. But it works.