Behavioral Science

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Behavioural Economics, as we all know deals with the hidden motives and debunk the classic economic theory, the premises being each individual/rational human being tries to maximise its reward. So, how does it plays any important role in public policy? Surely, you have heard about nudging people in taking a right decision, thats again is a subset of behavioural economics. Essentially, removing jargon, worldwide every one, starting from Android/ios games maker, software developers, marketers, economist to policy makers are exploiting our vulnerability. Indirectly controlling our behaviours and instincts. If you know, even Facebook or Google Analytics does the same thing but not in so subtle way. Based on our post, they can influence our behaviour by manipulating our actions, by presenting us with alternatives chosen by them. The list can go endless…


All this means, we do not have free Will.


What if, by an executive order, government get right to use the behaviour science in public policy. This is what US government has done. Though, intentions are noble, finally, its execution power is with bureaucrats. Just think of a situation, when your religion, political, social, economical, welfare choices are guided by Behavioural Science.


Does it sound scary. Okay, Check This.


Even, otherwise, its interesting to know, how US Government Function, even look at the beauty of drafting.

Thoughts on Statement by Defence Minister

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Yesterday, our Defence Minister made a statement; “Because War has not happened, the image of our Soldiers have taken beating in the eyes of Common People”. This also means that we do not respect our soldiers as much we would have done, if there was a War. I do not know any other meaning or I desist from speculating, ergo, my thoughts are on the precise meaning outlined above.

I do not know the reasons behind the statement or still have to wait, till such time its twisted and interpreted out of the context. But to me it sounds truism.

Gratitude, we as society do not believe in it, neither human psychology consider it as a trait. Hardly, we are thankful for our good health, and our confirmation bias makes us think that our success is the result of our hard work/talent etc. and does not consider it to be a random luck, and be grateful to our circumstances.

This is a sorry state of affairs in our Society. We do not consider our Soldiers as some one who is willing to sacrifice life on the line of Duty, but mostly as an employee of Government of India, who choose to be a soldier. So, if they die fighting terrorist, they paid ultimate price, And for us, its Choice they have made and we do not feel sympathy or empathy. We as a society is becoming so insensitive, that lost lives becomes a statistics.

Yet, when our special force strike back in Myanmar, we rejoice, talk about leadership, bravado, thumping our chaste, claiming a victory over terrorist, unfortunately, forgetting the soldiers who lost lives in first place.

Such is a 24 X 7 Media circus. We consider to be an opinionated society, driven not by objectivity, facts, principles but by what is marketed to us or feed into our conscious. We have lost free will, independent thinking.

Do we really feel proud to be an India. I doubt, not, unless Terrorist Attack or Our Enemy strike at us, forcing us into huddle, like a scared animal.