How Messaging/Chat is changing the World/Our Lives

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The post is for those who are interested in Technological Changes and How Mobile Computing is taking over our lives.   Every one use, the Whats App, its becoming ubiquitous tools for social communication. The use is omnipresent, the small traders and service communities now thrive on Messaging.   Look at the simplicity. Whats App is the single most easy example to demonstrate how Mobile Computing, is taking over the world.   Have we every thought, how people learnt Whats App?   The design simplicity, easy use, no complex jargon, integration with the mobile application, seamless flow of data, voice, video in any format. But the most important. Above all…No one is taught to use it. You do not need any computer, keyboard or other knowledge. Design is so intuitive, even 80 years old can learn, starting from Setting up to collaborative tool.   With the backdrop, have you heard of WeChat. Yes. How its functioning. No. To know the way the messaging is becoming center of our universe, you must read a ground-breaking article on We Chat. How its integrating all the services. The Messanging is becoming a Web Page on the Internet, and becoming a tool to connect all other services. I do not desire to spoil the joy of reading the unadultered version, thus, putting a period here. Read the Article is Here.