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Any one interested in getting updates on finance, economics, psychology, leadership, business and other varied subjects should subscribe to the new website called  250words.com.

Summary of the Website reads as under:

Welcome to 250 Words—a site dedicated to finding, sharing, and extolling the best business books.

The main component of 250 Words is an original daily essay—250 words long. These pieces are not summaries or reviews but intended to excavate useful anecdotes and interesting ideas from books on management, leadership, investing, finance, marketing, psychology, and any other topic that touches on business—no matter how tangentially. The emphasis is on wisdom and practical advice. We want to provide ideas that will help you rethink the world and your work within it.

The site will also feature ongoing contributions, of any length, from writers and journalists, academics and practitioners, executives and entrepreneurs. To get started, we’ve already published lists of recommended books from Alan Greenspan, Tyler Cowen and others in “Book Lists.” A section called “Interviews” features conversations with thinkers such as Tim Harford, Sheila Bair, and Phil Rosenzweig. “Novel Advice” features original thinking from novelists such as Amy Sohn and Jim Gavin. The first contribution from a section called “Opinion” is from the essayist Siri Hustvedt. We’ll also curate short videos from around the web, and “Coffee Break” provides daily links to book reviews, commentary, and other smart content.

Finally, we hope you will help us. Please subscribe to our daily email and follow us on Twitter and on Facebook. Executive editor Sam McNerney and the rest of the team welcome any suggestions for how to improve the site. And we hope you will write for us, in the comments section or with original pieces of your own. Email Sam at Sam@250words.com, with ideas, feedback, and contributions.