E-commerce strategy – Myntra

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If you are interested about developments in E-commerce space, you may be interested in reading.


Myntra, Fashion E-retailer, owned by Flipkart, stopped their Website on 15th May and now you can buy only thru Mobile. The strategy baffled every one, why Myntra Choose to stop one major line of business, is still perplexing..One Major argument, Myntra was incurring huge loss, thus, by adopting Mobile Only Strategy, it wants to reduce customer and thus losses. This is counter intutive, because if object is only to restrict losses, increase the price, Bingo. You are done. (Myntra lost – Rs. 120 cr. on sale of 210 cr. – 2013-2014 – Numbers are based on memory and may not be completely true, but indicative)


Data suggest that Mobile sale for Myntra accounts for 90% of sale, so focusing on one line of delivery mode would enhance its focus and few years from now, Mobile would/could dominate the entire consumer space. If you are interested in knowing both side of arguments, Read the following Post...@ Founding Fuel.