Art of Drafting # Business Writing.

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Business writing is an essential tool, every one should master. We are not taught, neither we have to take classes on creative writing. Any one, who has slight knowledge of post qualification classes like GMCS – for CA Student knows pretty well its efficacy. Pun intended.Only after we progress a while, we start to learn, how to be precise in expressing our thoughts, unfortunately advent of Email and social media have diminished the real writing. Those, who occupy a position of prominence or aspire to be one, always grapples with the question. The answer lies in constructing your thoughts seamlessly and more particularly, observe the good drafting.


If you are not aware about who Taylor Swift is, she is a music sensation in USA and already worth in excess of US $ 200 millions. She is just 25 and possess the power to command an attention from giants like Apple. If you don’t know, she withdrew her music from Spotify, claiming poor royalty issue. But, when it comes to Apple. They are Giants and no one can take on them. Not until, you read her post on tumbler.


While threatening to withdraw her Album from Apple Music, she cajoled them into conceding to her demand. After reading her post, Apple did announced that they will be making changes in their royalty policy. Its not everyday, Apple decided to change or admit their mistake.


The beauty of the post can also be viewed from negotiation point. How, without actually threatening, one can put across point. Without using strong or harsh word, how in the most artistic way, using clever adjective, while admiring the Apple, an argument can be advanced against very behemoth, she tries to admonish.


Above all, it also requires courage to go out and speak her mind.


For a student, who inclines to learn craft of clever writing, reading of post is recommended.


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