MIT Media Lab : Logo Design Process

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Do you wish to learn how creatively a logo can be produced, read the story on MIT Media Lab. They have recently changed their logo, only after three years. Interesting part is, logo is unique yet, very different for each of its individual unit.

Its difficult to describe the iterative process of logo design, but surely its very refreshing. How recombining the logic, a completely different result without disturbing the brand identity could be created. If you are interested in graphic design, surely you would not be disappointed. Also, i recommend watching 1 minutes Youtube video.

Read full story on Gizmodo.

Total Reading Time : 5 minutes + 1 minute Youtube Video.

How Knowledge about survival of Fittest doesn’t help.

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Mobile coupled with the Internet and easy bandwidth is changing our life beyond our comprehension. The list are long, and we all have known about various products becoming substituted like Watch is substituted by Phone and for years, we know, How Nokia used to be the biggest seller of Camera.

Have we ever thought that one day, even the Lithium Batteries would become redundant?

That is what exactly is happening.

Evolution, A game of Survival of Fittest.

It’s common knowledge that unless one innovates, adapt to the changing scenario, sooner than later, alternative products, process,consumption pattern, lifestyle, technology or internet would change the way we have been consuming the product or experiencing services. And it will forever change the every associated economic activity.

We thought, few products have a very important place in our life and does not seem to go away that easilyEven with batteries, at first instance, your thoughts would be akin to mine. It’s not possible. But, my abject thoughts were wrong because, I failed to accept the other way of thinkingjust like my last post. A beginners mind have many possibilities, and experts have few….No, I am not expertI would replace the word with “Experience.”

Earlier this year, Procter & Gamble announced that it planned to get rid of as many as 100 brands in an effort to slim down the company. It revealed today that it is going through with the biggest anticipated part of that plan, and will spin off its valuable but stagnant Duracell battery business.

They plan to spin off : Duracell…

But why Duracell in particular? Billion-dollar brands with huge name recognition don’t exactly grow on trees. To many people around the world, Duracell’s copper and black cylinders are batteries. And it’s not as though Duracell is a bad battery business: It’s still the biggest around, well ahead of the next-placed Energizer.

Like countless other industries around the world, the battery business is losing out to smartphones and other rechargeable mobile devices. It’s easy to see why: Before you got a smartphone, you might have used to have a clock, radio, and flashlight—all requiring batteries. Now those are among the basic features of the simplest smartphones.


Batteries may also be falling victim to cable “cord cutters” too. Those who still watch their televisions use battery-hogging remote controls to operate them. But increasing numbers of people are turning instead to streaming content on their computers, and some now control their TV with their smartphone too.

Read Full story here.

The important question still remains, as what to do when you are part of such industry. You only can innovate upto a point and if you are at the tail end of industry, nothing much can be done.This applies to various jobs, product, services and no matter what you can think of no easy solution is available. Whether we admit or not, every one is at some or other stage of evolution and despite knowing the fate of job or services in near term, we can only be a mute spectator.

Yes, Moving out is an easy choiceNaahits easier said than done. Innovation, different use of skills (personal) or technology (Corporate) is possible. However, better still would be to acquire more skills or compliment it with different skill sets. Invest into new way or working or explore different way of getting work done. If you are individual, get a fresh perspective and be relentless in your pursuit for better alternatives. And only probably, than you would be able to atleast stay ahead of curve. Though, answer above are neither lucid nor very convincing, I hope these will atleast force you to explore your periphery vision beyond the obvious, that there are many ways, anticipated/unanticipated, by which substitution will happen.

If you can spot the changes and can do something about it, thats fine. If you can’t but atleast know that sooner you would be part of evolution, that conscious understanding, coupled with relentless, focus on learning, would certainly help you remain ahead of pack. What if you are going to be extinct, but atleast you would be first to get out of the rat race..

What do I Do When I Fail – By Leo Babauta

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I fail at things much more than you might imagine, given that I’ve written books on forming habits and being content with yourself and being a minimalist and more.

I fail at all of that stuff, and it feels just as horrible for me as it does for anyone else.

I get down on myself, feel guilty, try to avoid thinking about it, would rather hide it from everyone else.

Failing at things can really suck.

And yet, I get back up and try again.

I fail at eating healthy on a regular basis, but I keep trying again. I’m pretty good these days at sticking to an exercise plan, but I failed and tried again, regularly, for years and years.

I’ve made several attempts at writing the book I’m writing now, and scrapped it all each time because it didn’t feel right. And yet, I started again, and I’m almost done now.

I fail at loving myself. But I don’t give up on that.

I fail at being a good dad, seemingly multiple times a day. But I continue to try, and sometimes I succeed.

When I try over and over again, once in awhile I succeed.

So what’s the secret? Well, there isn’t any. You just have to keep trying.

That said, here’s what I’ve found to work:

I learned a more flexibile mindset. When you are rigidly trying to stick to a plan or achieve a goal, and things don’t go according to plan, then you feel like crap and things can get derailed. But if you have a more flexible mindset, and think, “I might not be able to go according to plan but that’s OK because things change,” then it’s not a disaster when you get off track. There’s no single track that you have to stay on.

I came to realize that every attempt is about learning. When you fail, that’s actually really good information. Before you failed, you thought that something would work (a prediction), but then real-world information came in that told you it didn’t work. That means you now know something you didn’t know before. That’s excellent. Now you can adjust your plan, figure something new out, try a new method. Keep learning.

I ask for help. When I’m struggling with something, I know that I can either give up, or I can figure out a better way. But it’s not always easier to figure out a better way, so I reach out to my wife, friends, trusted family members, and I ask them. They might give me simple, obvious, why-didn’t-I-see-that advice that I need, or brilliant tips, or accountability. Whatever happens, my friends and loved ones never seem to fail me.

I give myself a break. If I’m struggling, sometimes my mind or body just needs a break from the discipline. So I’ll take a day or two off, or a week, or even more. There’s no set time that’s right for every situation, so I’ve been learning to go by feel. For some things, I’ve taken a month or two off from trying to learn something.

I remind myself why it’s important. It’s easy to give up on something, because not doing it is always easier. But giving up means you’re losing something important, like helping someone, and so if my reasons for doing something aren’t just selfish (pleasure, vanity), then I will renew my vigor for the struggle. This alone is often enough to get me going again, especially if I’m doing it to help someone important, like my kids.

I realize that I’m far from perfect, and that the guilty secrets I hide inside myself are no different than anyone else’s. You guys are just like me, in the inside, and while we all share the commonality of failing to live up to our better nature, we also share the bond of being able to start again.
So start again.