Provident Fund Limit increased from Rs.6500 to Rs.15000

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This may be more relevant for Self Employed. With effect from 1st September, 2014 : Basic coverage limit of PF increased from Rs. 6500/- to Rs.15000/-.

It means, all employees drawing salary below Rs. 15000/- will be covered with in PF Act. Its a major change affecting millions of employees. Untill now, since limit was barely equal to Minimum wages, all most every employer was claiming exemption. Now that will be difficult. Needless to mention, PF Act applies, if you have more than 20 employees.

Now Limit is in par with ESIC Limit.


Raghuram Rajan Interview in Financial Times

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If you are regular reader of Business Standard, every saturday, a column titled “Lunch with BS” appears. It’s inspired by Financial Times, which runs similar columns for years. Recently, RBI Governor Mr. Rajan was interviewed by FT.

Mr. Rajan talked about political-poor nexus and if you have watched Singham Returns, at some point, exactly albeit more dramatically same point is made. When people at top does have understanding of economic underbelly or politician-capitalist connect or turf war within the organization, you are pretty sure that person knows what he is talking about and not engaged in useless jingoism.

I have always found these columns very interesting...Read here…

How Apple train its employees

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Everything about Apple is unique..Its culture, products, design philosophy, simplicity, perfection the list and the adjectives can be endless. To ingrain the culture, Apple has in house training programme, rarely talked about in media..Not much of material is available, except rumours and hear say…Recently, New York Times, got a glimpse of what and how of Apple University...Its interesting read….

Password : A Self Motivating Tool

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An interesting read on Password. How you could trick yourself in achieving your goals by using the normal passwords..

Read entire story..

  • Forgive@her ← to my ex-wife, who started it all.
  • Quit@smoking4ever ← it worked.
  • Save4trip@thailand ← it worked.
  • Eat2times@day ← it never worked, still fat.
  • Sleep@before12 ← it worked.
  • Ask@her4date ← it worked. I fell in love again.
  • No@drinking2months ← it worked. It felt great!
  • MovE@togeth3r ← it worked.
  • Get@c4t! ← it worked. We have a beautiful cat.
  • Facetime2mom@sunday ← it worked. I talk with my mom every week.


Actually, Some Material Goods Makes you Happy ?

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Common wisdom, alas for those who have disposable income in excess of their needs and wants is to spend money on Experience and Not on Material Goods. There are countless articles arguing precedence of Experience Over Physical Goods and in long run, experience provides you much deeper satisfaction than ephemeral existential joy provided by goods. For e.g. New Mobile will provide you fun only for few days, and after a while it would be life as usual, the craving would be endless, with every new iteration of mobile development, whereas experience of holiday with loved once, you would cherish for ever.

Despite reading the wisdom, we often discover, whether distinction between Material v/s Experience is so simple. The recent research now tries to provides an answer to the dilema. To get better Idea about what I have been writing, read the article published in the Atlantic…before proceeding further.

Now that you know, what I am talking, do you agree with the point?

I only agree partially.

Every physical goods at some psychological level, provides us the experience, so third category,  “buying goods that provides experience”   to my mind is a artificial distinction. I do not think there is any third category…Though, the psychological happiness of autonomy, competence and connectedness is very important, but when the Physical Goods provides us the experience, for e.g. Buying Guitar and After learning Guitar, we are not comparing the joy of buying v/s the experience of playing Guitar vis a vis  with any other comparable experience, but two un comparable events. After a while joy of buying Guitar would loose, if we don’t learn or fail to learn, in that case, it would have a negative psychological effect. But after learning, the hedonic mental state would provide a different ‘kick’ (sorry for using it ) and thus we are trying to compare the uncomparables.

For us Indian, the discussion is little boring…we still do not consider experience as important..and after reading the article in atlantic, my views expressed six month here…have not changed.

Material Goods does give more pleasure than Experience.