Why you should order larger instead of medium Pizza : Economic Theory with Common Sense

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Very interesting post on NPR Money.

Before you read : Basics of 4th grade maths.

Radius = Distance from centre of circle to the permitter (end of circle).

Now read this.

Math is very simple…since pizza comes in Circle, the size of pizza increases  with increase in Radius. i.e. distance from the centre to the end. To increase the size from say 8 inch (small) or 12 inch (Medium)  to 16 inch (large) the radius should be squared. That  means, the size of 16 inch pizza is 4 time bigger than 8 inch and is 2 time as large as 12 inch pizza. When you compare price difference, between the different Size, its marginal. In fact, price depends upon lot of other criteria and least being the cost of production or size etc…and if you convert it into per sq. inch, price for large size comes out to be lot lower than what you would pay for small size.

Read the complete post here…

HBR : How to make your self work when you don’t feel doing it

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Interesting read on HBR…on procrastination. Many a  time, we just don’t feel like doing lot many things…neither we could push that last ounce of energy that forces us to do something. This moments are very common place, it could be day or task or some unpleasant work..mostly, we don’t feel like having  motivation to do it…

The reasons could be endless…The articles illuminates the basic of what prevents that positive burst of energy, and how to get over the stumbling block…Its very academic but worth reading..

Read Here…


Real Estate Investment Lessons from Warren Buffet

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All of us, desires of investing into Real Estate. There are far too many conflicted Idea’s floats in our mind preventing us from thinking rationally.

Should one Invest in Residence/Office/Farm House/Open land etc?

Whether price I am paying is correct?

What are the upside of the area?

We have set of rationals for each kind of investment. Mostly we desires to invest with a view to make huge gain in coming years.

Objective is very clear.

Confusion only starts when we steps into periphery benefits and ties each probable decision to cost/benefit of each sub set of real estate investment. Since, every one feels that in last Tezi…he/she lost out on golden opportunity, while assuming that in long run real estate pays best return, our mind becomes fuzzy.

But, when it comes to taking a final decision, market dynamics influence our thinking way beyond our imagination. We expect market to go down further, again, prospect of Modi becoming PM, and surge in Indian Economy from June Onwards, conflicts our view. Confusion multiplies, when we hear the stories of Builders in liquidity trap or discount available in the market. Variations to the above reasons, prevent us from thinking straight. At this juncture, I am not even referring, need for liquidity, legal cost, combination of cheque/C*sh required or how  asset is going to be used or would it generate regular income or would I be able to enjoy it..

There are plenty of reasons, alas, we freeze.

We all know Warren Buffet to be Wizard of Stock Market. But, in the upcoming issue of Fortune…he brilliantly outlines his investment philosophy based on his two Real Estate Investments.

Its Must Read…

Some other day, we can discuss the lessons in detail. Though, to achieve his level of clarity in thinking is extremely difficult, yet the article debunk far too many myth that we carry in our mind.

How to get job at Google – Article by Thomas Friedman.

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How to Get Job at any Cutting Edge Tech/Engineering Company?

You need to be brilliant.

Have good grads..

Degree from Reputed Institution.

Skills In STEM (Science, Technology,Engineering,Maths)

Now, check, how companies like Google hire people. Certainly above all skills are required, still, large set of people hired by google (approx.14%) does not have college degree. In todays world, education is required more than ever, however, thinking only about basic cognitive skill as precondition for job is misnomer. Thomas Friedman article in New York Times argues the importance of various other skills, primarily being humility and ability to learn from failures.

An interesting Read…


Notes : Bullet Journal

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If you use pen and paper to manage your to do list, you will find the website very interesting. It lays down, the steps to manage the work journal effectively. Nice way to explore the different way of capturing your ideas, thoughts, conversations, event and things to do.

We adopt the working style instinctively without every thinking about changing our habit to improve our style. Site gives refreshing perspective to entire not making exercise.

In nut shell, The Bullet Journal outlines the simple note taking process beautifully.


No Adjective And Whats App

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In Grammer, Adjective is a describing word. It modifies or accentuate the Noun by describing or quantifying it.

To describe the success of Whats App, we may use tons of Adjectives, superlative words or jargon, forgetting all the while that at heart, seemingly simple business strategy defines why and what of Success.

We all know, how Whats App maker made Fortune. We use Whats App, it has become mainstream not only to gossip, communicate but as business tool. The entire design is very simple, yet if we read the basic foundation of the App, described by the Brian Acton (Co-founder’s) desk, we do not find any Adjective (literally)….refer the image above. Its very simple, elegant and no nonsense way of doing things.

Lot can be attributed to the success of Whats App, design, speed, exponential grown of smart phones, talent, luck, timing etc…still, basic foundation or architecture at the core of application, does not depend upon any algorithm or engineering genius, by the way Whats app employs fewer than 20 engineers. Still, it could make such a robust system.

Sequoia capital was the only VC firm, who could invest at early stage and made one of the biggest gain in the history of VC fund. In its tribute to the founder, it uses long list of Adjectives. Read post here...All it tries, is to rationalise the success. People who are engaged in drafting memo/ letters or business writing, its a good piece to accumulate the wealth of adjectives that can be used in day to day life.

Yet, you can not beat the No adjective formula to business defined by the creators of Whats App..



Vertigo Inducing Photo

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Some time, we wonder, to what extent people go to explore the world, live their dreams, do something extraordinary..!

Its difficult for us to relate, neither we can comprehend the mind of people, who take extraordinary risk in pursuit of thrill, adrenaline pumping action or for few moments of sheer exhilaration.

Recently, photo/video of  Shanghani Tower Climbing are making round…you may check entire post here..

Power Struggle :How to get even with your boss : Facebook –

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In corporate world, as in day to day business dealings, particularly  with financial matters or in hardcore negotiations, there always a palpable struggle and simmering tension between the departments/people. On one hand, finance always tries to cut down the slack and on other hand marketing paints very rosy picture about need for spending money.

At times, people play game of one umpanship. Its fascinating to learn, how Facebook COO (Sheryl Sandberg) and CFO (David Ebersman) cut each other, live on stage. Its incredulous  yet very interesting to know, how to get even, with your boss without being rude. Only time will tell what happens next, but at least we can appreciate the american culture of openness. Below is the excerpt of recent conversation between them.


Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and CFO David Ebersman took the stage to discuss Facebook’s advertising business at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco on Monday night.

There was a funny moment between them that perfectly encapsulated the power struggle that every exec has with the the purse-string holder. Ebersman was being asked by the Goldman Sachs interviewer about how he decides to pay for Facebook’s new projects because that stuff “costs money.”

Sandberg interrupted, saying, “David never asks us about that. He’s always like ‘No.'”

The audience laughed and the question was posed again. Ebersman said with a smile, “I have to digest Sheryl’s insult first.”



Later in the conversation, Sandberg, clearly trying to make it up to Ebersman, told another story, and he was able to slam her back:

I remember when David joined four and half years ago and he wanted to do a three-year budget. We looked at him like he was insane. I’ll be glad if I could predict three weeks. … But he got me there by saying ‘We’re going to do it as hackathon project.’ We have these hackathons where people stay up all night.

It’s the first and only one I’ve ever done in my six years at Facebook.

I went home at like 10:30, which was late for me. By morning we actually had a draft of something that became a really rigorous three-year budget.

To which Ebersman responded: “I’m tempted not to mention that the hackathon started at 9.”

In other words, Sandberg skipped out pretty quickly, which defeats the purpose of a hackathon.

“I still had to stay up past my bedtime, but it’s true I only stayed for an hour-and-a-half.  I gave great insight in that hour-and-a-half,” she joked.

Courtesy : Businessinsider.com

Experience v/s Material Possession

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Recent years have seen intense discussion on happiness. One sub set of discussion revolves around Possession v/s Experience. Would a 3 Day Holiday in an Exotic Place gives more happiness than I Phone 5s purchased for less than half the Money. Many experiences are individual, while Holidays are collective experiences shared with your dear ones, so it may not be a useful indicator.  Still, it talks lot about our likings and preferences, mostly we Indian settle for material possession as against experience. A gift is far more valuable than a dinner in an expensive restaurant. We are taught about virtue of using pencil to the last holdable part to enjoying every bite we take.

Things are now changing very fast. Youngsters/Upwardly mobile people have far more income than to worry about life style. It has now given a new dimension to whole spending experience. A good room in Five Star Hotel does give lot of pleasure and obviously give people something to boast about. Things are pretty different in other parts of the world. Recent survey by American Psychologist give precedent to Experience than Material Possession. The snippet of one such survey is reproduced below.

“Do experiences make people happier than material possessions? In two surveys, respondents from various demographic groups indicated that experiential purchases-those made with the primary intention of acquiring a life experience–made them happier than material purchases. In a follow-up laboratory experiment, participants experienced more positive feelings after pondering an experiential purchase than after pondering a material purchase. In another experiment, participants were more likely to anticipate that experiences would make them happier than material possessions after adopting a temporally distant, versus a temporally proximate, perspective. The discussion focuses on evidence that experiences make people happier because they are more open to positive reinterpretations, are a more meaningful part of one’s identity, and contribute more to successful social relationships.

We could draw our own conclusion. In my view; deep down inside, we value experience more than material possession. We value time spent with loved ones or friends more than anything else. Our old jacket with nostalgic feeling gives us more pleasure than a newly purchased suit, even though we are never going to wear the jacket ever. In such scenario, material possession acquires a new meaning of an experience. In life, things which are scared can not be replicated gives us more pleasure, unfortunately, we as a society; we provides far more importance to the material possession and in process, we loose the joy of experiences.